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An expty Remixx studio with blue lighting

Simply put, this is not your grandma’s Pilates. Think of it as a wild night between Crossfit, a refined pilates reformer, and you came out with us! Get ready to sweat, shake and shiver! With loud music pumping through your veins, experience the workout that has begun to revolutionize fitness. Taking everything you thought you knew about control and intensity, shaking it up and giving you an experience your body won’t soon forget. Pick your Megaformer, remember your 4 count, turn up the music and enjoy the ride to a leaner, stronger physique.

Remixx Megaformer

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Get your body rocked during this 45 minute full body workout targeting every little single bit of muscle fiber you didn’t know you had. Slow, controlled and intense.


Push your heart and lungs to the limit with this hybrid class mixing Battle Ropes and our signature torture device the Megaformer.

Mega 16 Class

Specialty Classes

Giant 12 Class

Specialty Classes

Super 8 Class

Specialty Classes

Why People Choose Us?

First and foremost we care. We are not a big gym with front desk staff that has rules. We believe in service and we will always do what is right for our clients.

Our trainers posses a very select set of skills that can only be found a few places in the country. Each trainer comes from not only a background of fitness, but a lovable personality topped off as a Certified Lagree Fitness Trainer. This makes one of the hardest workouts not only a fun experience but a very personal experience.

What is our culture?

Our culture is  based on our community and the people that enter the doors.

We believe in cultivating a community within our doors that lets everyone be themselves. We are all here for our own reasons and our goal is to make sure everyone feels they can speak and walk freely.

Fitness is a different journey for everyone you have to enjoy it! So always make sure to have fun!

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10890 S Eastern Ave #105 Henderson Nevada, UNITED STATES