A woman with blue hair and a black hoodie.

Meet our Trainer:

  • Heather’s classes combine humor, encouragement, and intense shaking.  She is a student turned certified instruction at Remixx.  Come join her on the megaformer for an intense full body burn.


    The five things Heather lives by:

  • Sunday is for champagne brunch
  • A good sense of humor goes a long way
  • There is no such thing as ” I can’t”
  • Puppies make everything happy
  • A positive outlook will get you far

Born in Mesa AZ and Raised in Los Angeles CA, Heather moved to Las Vegas in 2010.  She works at CSAA Insurance as a supervisor.  Heather grew up around fitness thanks to her Dad.  She has participated in physical activities from gymnastics, to ballroom dancing, horseback riding, yoga, and pilates.  She loves group fitness because of the sense of community and encouragement.  Heather found Remixx after going to several gyms around Las Vegas and it has become her gym home.  She loves that the members at Remixx all support and challenge each other.  Seeing results and feeling herself get stronger and stronger, Heather decided to become a certified Lagree instructor. She loves the Lagree method and enjoys helping others embrace the shake!

Largee Fitness Certified.


It’s not that you can’t, you can do anything.  It’s that you presently struggle with

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