What to wear to class:

It is a fitness class so we do recommend that you wear appropriate attire for a workout. You will be moving up down and around so jeans or restricting clothing will not work. You will not be wearing shoes during this class.

“Grip Socks” are required for every class. These are available for purchase in the Studio.

What If I am new?

The most frequent question we get is this one. The answer is we will walk you through the workout from start to finish! Because of the nature of the workout first timers do just fine. We move extremely slow and can modify every exercise to accommodate all bodies. Jump on in!

What if I have injuries?

Injuries or previous injuries are unfortunately part of everyone. We can modify most if not all exercises based on your needs. We need to know the extent of the injury and or previous condition to properly adjust or modify things for you. We do ask that you are thorough with your injury or condition. Remember it is for your safety!

How are workouts planned?

Due to the number of members we have, each workout it tailored to the attendees of the class. We design our workouts around clients not around a schedule. This will ensure we don’t over develop or work particular groups and keep your body guessing. Tension, exercises and duration times may vary but you will be getting a full body experience keeping you shaking and sweating.

Will I lose weight?

The Million Dollar Question!

The answer is it depends on how hard you work. The hardest part to this question is what takes place outside of you your fitness regiment.

Eating, Eating and Eating. Make it clean and be diligent about what goes in your body and you will be shocked at the transformation you can make!