A woman with long red hair and blue eyes.
Hillary E

Meet our Trainer:

Hillary’s background in both classical Pilates and dance shape her Megaformer classes….expect a super intense, effective workout that strengthens and stretches your body, and walk out of the studio feeling accomplished and WORKED!


    The five things Hillary lives by:

  • Dance
  • Friends
  • Personal Integrity
  • Self-Worth
  • aaaaaaannnnd WINE

Originally from Northern California and a graduate of UC Irvine, Hillary began her professional dance career as a showgirl here in Las Vegas productions, including Jubilee at Bally’s. She has danced in Paris, Japan, Lake Tahoe and Reno before moving to New York to do musical theatre and film. Always connected to movement and body conditioning, it was in NY where she became fully certified in classical Pilates (mat and apparatus) through Power Pilates and taught at studios and gyms throughout the city. Upon moving back to the West Coast, she tried her first Lagree class and absolutely loved the different challenge and vibe. She soon became certified at Sebastian Lagree’s training studio in Burbank, CA and immediately started teaching at studios in Orange County, CA.

Largee Fitness Certified.
Reformer Certified

When a body moves, it’s the most revealing thing